2013 – Our first year of lights and music

The Lights:

The lights will be on every evening from 5-9PM. We hope to keep them on until New Years Eve. Drive by and tune your car stereo to FM 89.9


This is our first year trying out synchronized Christmas lights. We got our inspiration from the folks at “Christmas On Quiet Hills“. They put on a great display each year. They were kind enough to share the things they have learned with us. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think this would have happened.

After a great deal of testing we turned the lights on December 2nd. Our sequences are not as dialed in as we would like them to be, but we do like them. We created 2 of our own and downloaded the others. We still need to tweak a few of the settings, but the show is finally up and running.

We are located on Alyssum way in the Ivey Glenn community of Oceanside. (Gate Code: Key Key 1919)

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